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The Multi-Family for Investors Group at NAI Latter & Blum are experts in the faceted world of investing in multi-unit properties as an individual. Our agents pride themselves on delivering a client-centric experience, while providing the knowledge and guidance needed to successfully facilitate negotiations.

Multi-family for investors

Advisory Services

The NAI Latter & Blum Multi-Family for Investors Group specializes in facilitating transactions on apartment complexes with 5-100 units and local family-owned properties, as well as fractured condominium and short-term rentals.

Apartment complexes with 5-100 unit advisory

Many owners are looking for competent, professional advice and find it hard when they own a property that is not over 100 units. There are many aspects to a commercial real estate transaction and our goal is to spend the time to fully understand the dynamics involved. We are proud to deliver commercial real estate services with a client-centric focus, and communicate respectfully with clarity, integrity, and competence.

Local Family-Owned Investment advisory

With over 20 years experience in Louisiana family- business in apartments, condominiums and single-family rentals, our team is well poised to navigate very sensitive information with simple or complex structures and tactfully navigate diverging personalities to consensus.

Fractured Condominium Advisory

Covid-19 has brought about several new considerations within commercial real estate, and owners and developers alike have gravitated to a solution-based commercial real estate advisory. Our team has advised and facilitated transactions with multiple owner uses at a single location, with individuals owning occupied condominiums in the same project as bulk-owned and short-term owners and tenants.

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