A quick Q&A with LEED AP Jeff Wilke

November 5, 2021

Jeff Wilke, member of the Capital Markets group and LEED AP, guest hosted a Twitter segment called #CREchat, where a group of commercial real estate (CRE) constituents and advisors chat about current topics in CRE. Here are the 7 Q&A's from that segment that'll give you a brief introduction to LEED and green building.

Q1. What LEED projects have you seen in your market or other markets?
A1. Baton Rouge, LA - LSU Hilltop Aboretum's Imogene Newsome Brown Education Facility. The LSU College of Art and Design will use it as an example to teach Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building principles.

Q2. What value does LEED bring to a project?
A2. Lower CO2 use for lower environmental impact outside and lower volatile organic compounds(VOCs) levels inside for people's health. LEED helps investors and developers meet Environmental, Social and Governance(ESG) goals.

Q3. What do you consider most important for a LEED project / building?
A3. Plan LEED Certification from the very beginning to minimize change orders and timeline disruption.

Q4. What do you know about the LEED accreditation process?
A4. Buildings are Certified and people are Accredited. There are many LEED options to choose from: Design + Construction, Operations + Maintenance, Interior Design, Neighborhood Development and Homes.

Q5. Have you seen an increase in LEED buildings in your market?
A5. Yes. Awareness has increased over the past decade and many professionals are now learning about the United States Green Building Council(USGBC) and the LEED rating system in continuing education classes.

Q6. What are the top three (3) reasons to go to a LEED Certified building or use a LEED AP?
A6. Healthier employees, decreased natural resource consumption and decreased operational costs.

Q7. Looking forward, what is the future of LEED in the next ten (10) years?
A7. More awareness of sustainable practices and more federal, state and local regulations with sustainable modifications.

To learn more about LEED, click here and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where Jeff talks more about CRE sustainability and LEED.

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